jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Caïna - I, Mountain

DSR-EVIL-IV- Caina - "I, Mountain" Tape 2010 OUT NOW!

First 25 will be a special edition on ORANGE tapes the remaining lot will be on BLACK.

I, Mountain EP, originally released by God Is Myth Records in February 2007 on 100x 3” CDs which sold out extremely quickly and have been out of print ever since. Various incarnations of this reissue have been in the pipeline for at least a year, and now it’s finally emerging on ....Britain....’s Darkness Shade records, who have put out the excellent demos by Desolate One (USA), amongst others. For those unfamiliar with the original release, I, Mountain is a single 21 minute sound-scape (rather than ‘song’) designed to follow the narrative path of H.P Lovecraft’s novella At the Mountains of Madness. It was the first release in God Is Myth’s popular ‘Lovecraft series’ of 3” CDs, and is probably the most sought-after Caïna release, fetching high prices on eBay. This tape will feature bonus audio material and new artwork, and, though it is not unlimited, it’s designed to make the EP available to many of those who missed it the first time around.

Order now: http://darknessshaderecords.tk

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