domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

Large Family

What a loving image, eh? This is the first drawing I make with ballpen. It was the tool which I had in hand, so I tried this new 'technique'. And I think that rarely I'll repeat. I don't feel really comfortable with it, and I don't like the result at all. I suppose that I should keep on practising to get better works, but well...nowadays, ballpen is not my thing.

Nothing more to's sunday (well, here it's 0:39, so it's already monday), and all sundays sucks. Laziness is all around...
Anyway, just one short tip as a musical recommendation: STEELHORSE, classic heavy metal from Spain. Check out his full-length 'Wild Power'. Really damn good. It helped me a lot while I was working this weekend. A total rush of energy.

sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

Here comes the hotstepper...

Aaaahhh...what the hell. Why my mind can remember songs like this, but then forgets the important things, like all the computer passwords or some special dates? Who knows. Seems that my brain has selective memory, a kind of Diogenes Syndrome: it only can collect tons of shit.
ANYWAY, the fact is that the song came suddenly to my mind when I saw how the designs I made for the band Spear Induced Carnage (updated on November 13th) look in the forthcoming merch (they are an slam death metal band from Vancouver -damn good, I must add-):

The 'Impaled' t-shirt

The 'Carnival of Souls' hooded zip

Look for more news: Spear Induced Carnage Myspace The merch will be soon for sale!

PS: I want to show you as a bonus track something, a primitive sketch of a work which will be updated soon:

What's this? We'll see...

And for today, that's all folks. 3:46 AM, time to go to bed.

miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Another little drawing (din-a4) in the early morning. Today the muses visited me very often, but I wasn't at home with all my artistic tools. So I had to wait...and wait...'til now. Once again, the early morning. And once again, tomorrow I'll have terribly rings under the eyes. Oh well. Anyway, it deserves it, I mean to have the possibility of capturing some thoughts in a paper. If I don't do that, I couldn't fall asleep. The ideas would be bouncing around in my head, and consequently, I'd be tossing and turning on bed. So it's better that way, I think.
The drawing has nothing special. There isn't any meaning nor inspiration apart from what it's drawn. A demon and an angel copulating (yes, I became refined at this hours, shit). This is it. Maybe it can remember to an specific scene of The Preacher (note: if you haven't read this comic, I recommend that you do it). Or maybe it's only a recurring theme...who knows.

Maybe you don't care about it (and I assume), but I'll be doing a tattoo course in april. It's what I've been looking forward to for some years. Can't wait to inject ink to people.

martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Cannibal Feast

Here's a little drawing (din-a4) I've just finished. The inspiration came while I was listening to Dawn (Swe) and Crypt of Kerberos. Which is the relation with this illustration? I don't know. It's 3:22 AM in Spain, so at this hour I don't even know who I am. The only thing I can do in the early morning is drawing while listening to music. In fact, it's almost impossible for me to draw anything during the day. The muses always visit me at these untimely hours.  F*cking bitches. I must go to bed. Tomorrow I'll be a walking corpse. 

viernes, 15 de enero de 2010

Desolate One - Desecrate the Night TAPE

OUT NOW - DESOLATE ONE - "Desecrate the Night" Tape 2010

Desolate One is back for a second coming 5 tracks of Brazilian Death Thrash and Old School Black Metal!

In the vain of - Beherit - Blasphemy - Sarcofago - Venom - Sodom - Hellhammer - Impaled Nazarene - Archgoat - Von

Limited to 100 on Pro Duplicated Tapes With Glossy Covers - Side A and B New Demo On Side A last Demo on Side B!

25 Green Tapes - 25 Red Tapes - 25 Blue Tapes - 25 Yellow Tapes


martes, 12 de enero de 2010

Alice in Wonderland

...nothing further to add. 

sábado, 9 de enero de 2010

All beginnings are hard...

WELL. New year, new beginning. And that's hard. I feel lazier than ever since I started the Winter Solstice holidays. I don't celebrate Christmas because I'm not a believer -of nothing, I want to add-, but I have a family which usually follows traditions, which consists basically in have plentiful meals. So we don't believe in nothing, but we eat and drink as hell. Just to pass some days together and have some 'fun'. Typical spanish traditions. Eat and drink if there won't be a tomorrow. Oh well.

That's (basically) why I haven't updated anything in the blog since december 24th (and the drawing was recycled from 2008, haha). Maybe it will sound ridiculous, but I'm not able to draw anything during these kind of celebrations. You get into an spiral of laziness which stops you to do something benefit. It's really depressive.
So here I am, with tons of piled up works. I don't know where to start. And if it wasn't bad enough, it's snowing and I haven't got domestic hot water. Thanks my landlord for being so careful with his tenants.

ANYWAY, these days I have had time enough to do other things, like tidy up my cds and lps (though it might not look like it, it's VERY physical. I have a lot of music, and the room where is it was a total mess). So I put aside my laziness and tidied the cds. And I took the opportunity to make my list of Best of 2009. Here it goes:

MORNE - Untold Wait
I think it has been easily the album which I listened the most the past year. Quite melodic and ambient sludge with Jeff Hayward (Disrupt) on vocals. That album is almost unbeatable. Listen to Eyes, Untold Wait or the ending theme, Sorrow. Goosebumps.

BULLDOZER - Unexpected Fate

Unexpected damn good work, I must say! The return of the italian dirty thrashers scared me a lot, 'cause since the last full-length ('Neurodeliri', 1988) have passed the huge amount of 20 years. 20 YEARS! But well, all the fears disappeared when I pushed 'play'. Intense and full of good riffs as a Bulldozer album used to be. Luckily, all remains the same.

KATHARSIS - Four Reich
Another good album of these blackers. Good, evil and harsh as their last album ('WolrdWithoutEnd') was. This is the black I like the most, primitive and rude.

PROCLAMATION - Execration of Cruel Bestiality
Third part of the tetralogy started with 'Advent of the Black Omen'. Dirty black metal in the same vein of Blasphemy, Conqueror or Morbosidad. Damn great.

TEITANBLOOD - Seven Chalices
The new sensation of the underground extreme metal. Death/black, formed with members of Proclamation. Harsh and chaotic as hell, intense and dark. One of the best spanish bands you can find right now.

Blackened thrash from Spain, too. This is their debut (aside of the split with Morbid Yell, of course), and it's f*cking great. They have a Sarcófago and Apokalyptic Raids vibe. And their vocalist, Lillith (also in the black metal band Akerbeltz) is one of the most evil voices you can hear in the scene. Truly amazing. Highly recommended.

OBLITERATION - Nekropsalms
Pretty good second album of this norwegian band. Death old school with a punkish vibe, similar to Repugnant or Autopsy. Morbid and blasting.

ORTHODOX - Sentencia
I was waiting for that album eagerly, the previous ones were reaaaally good. Intense and ambient doom metal, nearly funeral. Delicious.

SARKE - Vorunah
Well...I know that a lot of people have criticized this project with Thomas from Tulus and the mighty Nocturno Culto, basically because of its clear sound. Well, if you want something in that way but dirtier, you already have Hellhammer and Celtic Frost (aside of TONS of bands copying the sound). That's precisely what it's interesting on Sarke: the mixture of the harsh voice of mr. Culto and the clear sound. So I found the album pretty good, and full of great themes. In fact, 'Old' is an hymn for me. Catchy chorus and riff, it isn't?

Well, there is some more albums I liked this year, like Baroness, Candlemass, Nocturnal or Mournful Congregation...but I must stop now (the list would be never-ending). So that's all folks.

Hope 2010 is so good than 2009.