miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Another little drawing (din-a4) in the early morning. Today the muses visited me very often, but I wasn't at home with all my artistic tools. So I had to wait...and wait...'til now. Once again, the early morning. And once again, tomorrow I'll have terribly rings under the eyes. Oh well. Anyway, it deserves it, I mean to have the possibility of capturing some thoughts in a paper. If I don't do that, I couldn't fall asleep. The ideas would be bouncing around in my head, and consequently, I'd be tossing and turning on bed. So it's better that way, I think.
The drawing has nothing special. There isn't any meaning nor inspiration apart from what it's drawn. A demon and an angel copulating (yes, I became refined at this hours, shit). This is it. Maybe it can remember to an specific scene of The Preacher (note: if you haven't read this comic, I recommend that you do it). Or maybe it's only a recurring theme...who knows.

Maybe you don't care about it (and I assume), but I'll be doing a tattoo course in april. It's what I've been looking forward to for some years. Can't wait to inject ink to people.

2 comentarios:

  1. I always like these types of drawings. Though I was wondering, is that corpse paint on the demon? I cannot tell.

    I have also heard a lot of great things about Preacher. I wish reading comics was easier for me, because this sounds like it would be right up my alley.

  2. It's a pity, really. The Preacher it's a good comic, the eternal battle between heaven and hell...but without being recurring. When you mix in a same container the religion, KKK, gore, drugs, witchcraft, a vamprire, tons of black humour and irony, and some places like Texas or New Orleans...the story become more than the typical tale full of moral dilemmas and topics regarding God, Satan, good and evil. It's one of the best comics I ever read, seriously.

    And regarding my drawing...well, I mean to give some grimness to his face, made of shades. So it's not corpsepaint, haha.