sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

Here comes the hotstepper...

Aaaahhh...what the hell. Why my mind can remember songs like this, but then forgets the important things, like all the computer passwords or some special dates? Who knows. Seems that my brain has selective memory, a kind of Diogenes Syndrome: it only can collect tons of shit.
ANYWAY, the fact is that the song came suddenly to my mind when I saw how the designs I made for the band Spear Induced Carnage (updated on November 13th) look in the forthcoming merch (they are an slam death metal band from Vancouver -damn good, I must add-):

The 'Impaled' t-shirt

The 'Carnival of Souls' hooded zip

Look for more news: Spear Induced Carnage Myspace The merch will be soon for sale!

PS: I want to show you as a bonus track something, a primitive sketch of a work which will be updated soon:

What's this? We'll see...

And for today, that's all folks. 3:46 AM, time to go to bed.

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  1. Fucking love that hoodie design. One of my favorite pieces here.