jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Cover contests

I'm not really an enthusiast of drawing contests. I don't like to work under pressure, because things don't come as you have in mind. And if you add this to the fact of have a little time to dedicate to these drawings, the result is something dramatic.
This is what happened to me some weeks ago. I was immersed into a big move, with all the problems that entails a new house. Anyway, I decided to submit some art to 2 contests: the renewed Darkthrone covers (Ravishing Grimness and Goatlord) and a spanish tribute to Dio.
As I said before, the result was not what I had in mind, 'cause the time was really short.

This is the cover for Ravishing Grimness, inspired on Wotan's figure (absolutely grim)

(the cover I draw for Goatlord is so lame that I haven't got stomach to show it here, haha)

And this is the one for the Dio Tribute. Watercolours, ink and marker on cardboard. The image shows the 4 Dio-stages: Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio himself.

So this is all for today. I promise that in the next contest (if I'll decide to submit something) I'll take more time to make the drawings.
'Til next time.

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