martes, 8 de junio de 2010


A little flirtation with the comic world. Ink, Photoshop and the unselfish help of Bianca Beauchamp.

Do you want more heroes? Here we go:

CATWOMAN. The first one is done with ink and Photoshop, and based in a shoot of Bianca, once again. The other illustration...well, all of you MUST know to which movie belongs. Yes, of course it's Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns. Acrylics on paper.

LARA CROFT. Acrylics and liquid latex* on paper (*this is supposed that it had to give the drawing some shines, but the scanner KILLED any hue on it). One of my homeworks when I was doing the illustration module (7 years ago. F*ck, I'm old!).

EMMA FROST. Ink and Photoshop. REALLY quick drawing, as you can notice in the poor work I did with the shines of her clothes. Uh.

SHE-RA, the warrior princess. Another quick drawing done with 4 ink lines and some colour with Photoshop. It was my homage to one of my disappeared toys of the last move, when I came to live in this little village. I don't know how I lost her. Anyway, She-Ra: you always be in my...liver?

VAMPIRELLA. One of the hottest heroines of-all-times. You have to love this maillot. And as always: ink and Photoshop. Original, eh?

WOLVERINE. The same technique as above, as you may guess. And please, DO NOT LAUGH AT HIS HAIRDO! He has feelings.

WONDER WOMAN. Guess how it's done? Haha. Well, it's based in Dita Von Teese's face. The first burlesque super-heroine.

Here concludes my intrusion to the comic world. I swear I won't do it anymore.

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  2. Gracias! :D

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