lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Random pics...

It's Monday. So I shouldn't say anything more. ALL Monday sucks, especially because I'm still with this kind of depressive feeling of 'fuck everything' that usually gives me the Sunday. Call it 'hangover' or call it 'absolute boredom'. Doesn't matter. Sunday& Monday are the WORST days of the week, with difference.
Well, while I'm waiting for the visit of the muses (those fucking bitches, aaaaah, how I hate them), 'cause I have to go on with my life and with my works (though today I'm not in an optimistic mood to do it) I take the opportunity to update this blog with some things I have rounding my folders. Two portraits and one drawing I made for a future project regarding erotic illustration.

Here's Lemmy, the MAN. The father of rock and roll and one of my spiritual guides (aside from Happy Tom). DIN-A4, Charcoal on paper (with tons of attitude, I must add). I hadn't got any reason to do it, besides from my delight in draw portraits. Maybe I was listening to INFERNO (the last Motorhead album I enjoyed the most)...who knows.

That one was a birthday gift for a good friend of mine. DIN-A3, charcoal&pencil and colour pencils (red, to be specific). My idea was to give an original present, so that's why I modified (mildly) her face to include some evil stuff. She has a really strong character, so the devil-rol fits perfectly. Haha.

And to finish this update (hope the muses are here soon, in other case I'll go for a SIESTA, our national sport), here's the 'erotic illustration'. DIN-A4, watercolours & ink. Well, she isn't showing her tits nor making a hardcore orgy with the two guys of the background...I assume. In fact it's only a little drawing for a story, a quick-tale of a guy who's playing in a band and sees that girl in the crowd. The guy wants to finish quickly the gig to meet her and...well, you can imagine. So the drawing ONLY has to seduce, insinuate. Not all are always going to be tits & cocks.

For today, that's all folks.

PS: the playlist of these weeks has been REALLY assorted, prevailing the punk-rock in the same vein of The Clash, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Dead Kennedys...etc. Very festive.

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