jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Anneke&Agua de Annique

I was just passing by to say: AWESOME GIG!

The musical evening was extremely nice and really intimate. The club was quite empty, but though it could seems something 'negative', the result was totally opposite. The atmosphere was magic and intense, and the crowd amazingly devoted. There were a lot of compliments for that enormous singer (well...the english of most of the spanish people is worrying and limited, so the word was -in spanish, of course- only 'GUAPA', but repeated aaaall along the show, after every song); and of course, tons of sympathy from Anneke to the fans. Extremely nice girl.
The setlist was more varied than I expected; besides of the songs of Agua de Annique there were also 2 Gathering covers (an acoustic and precious 'My Electricity' and as an encore, 'Shrink'), as well as a cover from the Devin Townsend project 'Ziltoid': the powerful 'Hyperdrive', where the wonderful voice of Anneke resounded all over the hall; and 'Papillon', from The Editors.
So the setlist order was the following:

1- The World
2- My Girl
3- Fury
4- Ice Water
5 - Day After Yesterday
6- I Want
7- My Electricity
8- Papillon
9- Adore
10- Trail of Grief
11- Beautiful One
12- Sunny Side Up
13- Who I Am (Are you There?)
14- Hey Okay!
15- Physical
16- Hyperdrive
17- Laugh it Out

Encore 1:

18- Shrink
19- Witnesses

Encore 2:

20- Wonder

I have to add something: in live that band sounds more powerful than on studio. I mean that the albums are good, really good, but too many pop-oriented. However, the gig had more 'rock sound', more power and more prominence on guitar's distortion. I expected something smoother. It hasn't got the charm The Gathering had, but well...in some moments, they were really near.

Anyway, the only presence of this lady (and her voice):

was enough for me to enjoy the concert.

That's all for today.

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