sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010


There are a lot of them in the music world. One of my favourite monsters in the singing discipline is the girl drawn in that couple of quick-portraits I've retrieved from the depths of my Mac: Anneke (who is world famous for being the ex-vocalist of The Gathering)

Since 2007 she's playing and singing in front of her own band, Agua de Annique, as well as doing some interesting acoustic shows and duets with some reputated musicians, like Daniel Cavanagh (from Anathema). The music of Agua de Annique is not exactly the same she used to play when she was in The Gathering, maybe it needs more 'power' for my taste (not precisely 'metal sound', since my favourite TG album is 'Souvenirs', with that electronic vibe and drum&bass sounds)...but well...the voice of Anneke improves more and more every time she publishes a new work. So the next tuesday I'll be in the city watching her (their) concert, enjoying it and especially, her voice.
Listen to this theme:

Delicious, isn't it?

PS: as a freak note, and to finish the update: I have a kitten named Anneke. No need to comment.

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