lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Our new tenant...

Well, lately my father visit us frequently and brings with him tons of green delicatessen from his vegetable garden. The other day he came with a bunch of swiss chard. I left the vegetables on the worktop of the kitchen to wash it and put it into the fridge, and I continued doing my things. Later I went to the worktop where was the swiss chard and I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye: a snail crawling through the wall, trying to runaway from a cruel destiny. But I have feelings. Sometimes. And I had pity on it. So I adopted the snail and gave him a name: Pepito.
Pepito now lives in a tupperware with a leaf of swiss chard and some water. And though I now he's happy, he still tries to escape from his house and it's common to see how crawls slowly seeking a better future (too much optimism, I guess).

He's coming to you, aaaaaaaaaarrghhhh!!!!

Enough for today. In the other hand, a friend of mine has discovered me a good site where to submit my art, Newgrounds , without any risk of censorship. You only have to take a look to some artists to corroborate it :D So I think I will let die my DeviantArt account. I' m too explicit or sick for their rules, the move is on the way.

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