domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

ALL improves with zombies.

This is one of my principles. I'll give you an example: take the worst movie in the world. Whatever. I don't know...well, take one movie starring by JACK BLACK. Horrific, eh? Ok. Then add a bunch of zombies. The film improves! At least now you can laugh (with or at it).

That's why I love zombies so much, they can save your ass. Always.

Lately I'm doing a lot of erotic illustrations, some are by request and the other are only for fun. So when somebody calls you for a commission and asks for a different cover, joining erotism, sex and rotten meat, the result is funnier. At least is how I felt doing this drawing. Here's an extract of it:

That's all. Thanks Bruce (Dickinson) for helping me with your harmonic screams. As well as I say that ALL improves with zombies, my art improves when I listen to Iron Maiden. Uh.

PS. btw, FINALLY the Maleficarium zine issue #5 is out. It took some time, but you can order now here.

2 comentarios:

  1. jack Black no joder!!! Agg, a ese solo lo mejoraría verle como victima de Holocausto Canibal

  2. Es que es pensar en la peli de Gulliver, el primer cuento que leí de peque (nostalgia to the max), y me dan ganas de hacerle un Saw VII en toda regla.
    Su madre no supo lo que hizo al dar a luz. Free condoms for all.