jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011


Yesss, this is the title of the last The Boys volume I read. Pretty awesome, but no so much as the previous episodes. Hope it doesn't mean that Ennis is calming down. Uhm.

Well, I've chosen this to name the entry for obvious reasons. I don't know what happens with me but suddenly I've started drawing comic heroes and heroines doing some sexual activity. Maybe I'll use them to make a kind of serial illustrations, maybe it will end here. Or maybe I should stop reading adventures of people wearing pajamas and go back to my dear Transmetropolitan.

'Heroine's Solitude', din-a4. Ink & Photoshop, 2011

'Meeeeooowwww!', din-a4, ink on paper. 2011

Mmmhhh...afterthought...I think there must be more.

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