sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

Kill your TV

...before it's too late.

Well, I've been without TV for 3 weeks -it seems that my house has a poltergeist, every week I have a breakdown with a different electrical appliance, awww-. The thing is that the signal came back today...and I don't care a shit.
Maybe the great programmes we have here have helped a lot to my apathy. What's the use in having so many channels with our brand new TDT if all are scum? It's a waste of time, indeed.
These days without TV have been for good. Before that, I used to turn it on immediately when I awoke, only as an habit. So inadvertently, I paid more attention than it deserved, and because of that, I spent this precious time doing nothing benefit. On the other hand, these 3 weeks the first thing I used to do is play some loud music (a very good habit I neglected for too much time), which gave me the perfect rush of energy to leave aside my laziness and do a lot of things.
Without silly TV programs in the background, I work better, for sure. I've done more drawings and brainstorms than ever, and a lot of projects (which will be showed here soon) have popped up. I had time to listen and discover more music, to write, read, draw and cook a lot. Seems impossible, but TV had turned me into a half-zombie. I never had paid much attention, but I had been caught subtly, making my days much less fruitful.
So my advice (if anyone wants it) is: turn off the TV much as you can. Kill your TV before it kills you.