domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

The Principles of Lust

I've been a little bit tired the last weeks. Maybe because of some health problems I've got lately (fucken lungs...argh!) I haven't got the strenght to create anything. But well, the show must go on. So I've thrown away my laziness and this weekend I started to draw regularly. And curiously, the first things that have appeared in my notebooks have been these hot images:

Baptized in Blood, din-a4, watercolours & ink on cardboard.

Dark Vinyl I, din-a4, pencils on paper.

Dark Vinyl II, din-a4, pencils on paper.

I guess that the hotness was due my fever. Ehm.

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Happy Gwendolyn!

Aaaaaww....I don't remember the last time I celebrated Halloween properly. I mean with costumes, alcohol, karaoke and all that shit. Maybe I must go back until 2004, when I was studying in an Illustration module and we kicked up a fuss :_D We used to decorate the school with candles, pumpkins, spiderwebs (well, this wasn't necessary due the dirtiness, but we always added some cotton...) and other things; then we went to the supermarket with the joint fund (compiled during the week) to buy drinks and food (more drinks than food, I have to say).
Once all was prepared, we dressed up and received the people at the gates (like in a terror passage). The party started and the teachers used to join us later, with customs too. The evening could last more or less, depending to when the police appeared to vacate us (due the noise...fucking neighbors, agh.)
Then we continue the party in pubs, of course.
The last time I celebrated Halloween I chose the custom of Pater Karras. A friend of mine found a treasure near her house. Someone has thrown at the garbage 3-4 bags full of a priest's belongings (a priest which was recently dead, I guess). Cassocks, crucifixes, religious card illustrations, folders with notes, letters....a lot of shit. She gives me one of the cassocks as a gift for Halloween (luckily the priest was a fucken pigmy; the robe was my size, haha). I wash it conscientiously, and the added a black hat to the costume. I really looked like Pater Karras, especially because another friend joined me dressed as Regan MacNeil. Totally epic.

How I miss these days and these parties. I must organize something for Carnival. I already have in mind my costume...bwahaha.

Meanwhile, here I left my 'halloween picture'. Nothing fancy, but year, more and better.