jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010

This is the end...

...my only friend. The end. OF THE YEAR, of course. Show must go (and will be) on!

Well well well...another year is gone. And with it, tons of events and things and experiencies and...so on. I don't use to look back and weigh up what happened, and then put this in a balance and make an analysis to concrete if the year was 'good ' or 'bad'. Good or bad...nothing is 'good' or 'bad', or 'black' or 'white' exclusively. That's why I never look back for anything, because all is more complex than it seems to be. I don't want to think. I'm lazy by nature!

Anyway, a lot of things happened in the world, that's true. Unfortunately more negative than positive. But yeah, I have my own world with its own conflicts and delights, so I didn't pay much attention to what happened outside of it. Call me selfish if you want. I have enough in my inner shelter...health problems, removal problems, family problems....well, for what I am telling it seems a really bad year...but it wasn't. I also had a lot of joy for tons of things, my first wedding anniversary, for example. TONS of work, too...and that it's really important due the country situation! Well, the only thing I regret myself is the way I've been disconnected from the 'music world', I mean that I missed a lot of gigs this year, and a big bunch of new releases too. This second thing will drive me crazy, I don't know how I will be up-to-date with them. Arrrrgh.
For what I have listened, here's my favourite's list, in no particular order:

SOLEFALD - Norrøn Livskunst

ALCEST - Écailles de lune

ENSLAVED - Axioma Ethica Odini

DARKTHRONE - Circle the Wagons

TRIPTYKON - Eparistera Daimones

HOODED MENACE – Never Cross the Dead

KATATONIA – Night is the New Day


ABSCESS – Dawn of Humanity

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY - It´s Time To Face The Doomsday

LUDICRA – The Tenant

BASTARD PRIEST- Under the Hammer of Destruction

THE OCEAN - Hellocentric/Anthropocentric


GRAVE - Burial Ground

I know there are tons of records I neglected in the list, like Le Verge Noir of Cauchemar...but really, I haven't got the time to take a listen :__ I have to remedy this, urgently. And regarding the gigs...uh. The only thing I can say is that I have ended up too much drunk the latest concerts. Especially these ones:

Church of Misery + Death Row on April. I started taking some beers in the afternoon, once I had finished the tattoo course. I suppose that I was really happy, because the only thing I can remember (beside of the great gig) is that I changed to rum too much early. Awww. The hangover at the next day was fucken dooooooom. All was sloooowly lilting.

Avulsed + Entombed on March. WOW. I think that was the WORST hangover ever. The previous day I went to 2 concerts, Katatonia + Swallow the Sun and Monkeypriest + Orthodox, so when I arrived at the Entombed's concert I was really tired. I tried to clear my head with some beers...and I lost control. I don't remember ANYTHING from one hour after the concert until the next morning. According to my husband's version, I was ok until we took a taxi. Then I felt asleep. And I walked from the taxi to the hotel like a zombie...in fact, I woke up completely dressed.

As you can see, is better to miss gigs, at least for my health .

And well, here's a fanart of one of my (future) dolls to finish this stupid update.

Verdandi, watercolours on paper. 2010

That's all. Merry Yule and a Happy Creepy New Year!

domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

The Principles of Lust

I've been a little bit tired the last weeks. Maybe because of some health problems I've got lately (fucken lungs...argh!) I haven't got the strenght to create anything. But well, the show must go on. So I've thrown away my laziness and this weekend I started to draw regularly. And curiously, the first things that have appeared in my notebooks have been these hot images:

Baptized in Blood, din-a4, watercolours & ink on cardboard.

Dark Vinyl I, din-a4, pencils on paper.

Dark Vinyl II, din-a4, pencils on paper.

I guess that the hotness was due my fever. Ehm.

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Happy Gwendolyn!

Aaaaaww....I don't remember the last time I celebrated Halloween properly. I mean with costumes, alcohol, karaoke and all that shit. Maybe I must go back until 2004, when I was studying in an Illustration module and we kicked up a fuss :_D We used to decorate the school with candles, pumpkins, spiderwebs (well, this wasn't necessary due the dirtiness, but we always added some cotton...) and other things; then we went to the supermarket with the joint fund (compiled during the week) to buy drinks and food (more drinks than food, I have to say).
Once all was prepared, we dressed up and received the people at the gates (like in a terror passage). The party started and the teachers used to join us later, with customs too. The evening could last more or less, depending to when the police appeared to vacate us (due the noise...fucking neighbors, agh.)
Then we continue the party in pubs, of course.
The last time I celebrated Halloween I chose the custom of Pater Karras. A friend of mine found a treasure near her house. Someone has thrown at the garbage 3-4 bags full of a priest's belongings (a priest which was recently dead, I guess). Cassocks, crucifixes, religious card illustrations, folders with notes, letters....a lot of shit. She gives me one of the cassocks as a gift for Halloween (luckily the priest was a fucken pigmy; the robe was my size, haha). I wash it conscientiously, and the added a black hat to the costume. I really looked like Pater Karras, especially because another friend joined me dressed as Regan MacNeil. Totally epic.

How I miss these days and these parties. I must organize something for Carnival. I already have in mind my costume...bwahaha.

Meanwhile, here I left my 'halloween picture'. Nothing fancy, but well...next year, more and better.

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Good news!

Some days ago I told you that I was going to submit an illustration to a manga contest. It was the very first time I did something into manga in a professional mode, aside of fanarts or other drawings only for fun. Well...today I received a mail announcing me that I won the contest. It's kinda weird, my first manga drawing makes me winner in a contest...but whatthehell! I'm happy!

This is the work. I titled it 'Countess Bathory'. The only thing that motivates me -in any artistic genre-, is to draw something dark, haha.

And this is the prize. A Dragon Ball poster (old school! haha), a manga zine, a diary, a manga comic (The Ringu), some postcards...nothing fancy. But hey, for me it's symbolic. The important thing is to participate.

PS: by the way, yesterday I joined the Newgrounds community. Better than DeviantArt, really! You can check my profile clicking the link I added at the right of this blog.

lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Our new tenant...

Well, lately my father visit us frequently and brings with him tons of green delicatessen from his vegetable garden. The other day he came with a bunch of swiss chard. I left the vegetables on the worktop of the kitchen to wash it and put it into the fridge, and I continued doing my things. Later I went to the worktop where was the swiss chard and I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye: a snail crawling through the wall, trying to runaway from a cruel destiny. But I have feelings. Sometimes. And I had pity on it. So I adopted the snail and gave him a name: Pepito.
Pepito now lives in a tupperware with a leaf of swiss chard and some water. And though I now he's happy, he still tries to escape from his house and it's common to see how crawls slowly seeking a better future (too much optimism, I guess).

He's coming to you, aaaaaaaaaarrghhhh!!!!

Enough for today. In the other hand, a friend of mine has discovered me a good site where to submit my art, Newgrounds , without any risk of censorship. You only have to take a look to some artists to corroborate it :D So I think I will let die my DeviantArt account. I' m too explicit or sick for their rules, the move is on the way.

viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Countess Bathory

Here's an extract of a drawing I'm going to submit to a manga contest. It's the first time I draw something into manga genre 'seriously'. I mean I've flirted with this kind of illustration other times, like doing some fanart, but only for fun. So right now I'm so fucken nervous, haha. But well...whatthehell. I have to try it!

(Wish me luck...)

miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Fairies Wear Boots

(sorry for the blurred crappy pic...)

This is an extract of a double canvas composition I made circa 2008. That's fucken huge. It was on a wall in the corridor of my (still) house. I'm moving to another bigger, so I'm dismantling all the shit I've accumulated for years. Maybe I have a kind of Diogenes Syndrome...I don't know. The thing is that I'm discovering paintings on canvas I've forgotten I'd made, which were kept in an attic, so the feeling is really...weird. I'm conscious when I'm drawing? And I'm conscious of WHAT I'm drawing? Awwww...I think I've been drunk too many times. I'm losing faculties...and, especially, memory.

jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Unholy Rites

Logo for the Unholy Rites zine:

jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Caïna - I, Mountain

DSR-EVIL-IV- Caina - "I, Mountain" Tape 2010 OUT NOW!

First 25 will be a special edition on ORANGE tapes the remaining lot will be on BLACK.

I, Mountain EP, originally released by God Is Myth Records in February 2007 on 100x 3” CDs which sold out extremely quickly and have been out of print ever since. Various incarnations of this reissue have been in the pipeline for at least a year, and now it’s finally emerging on ....Britain....’s Darkness Shade records, who have put out the excellent demos by Desolate One (USA), amongst others. For those unfamiliar with the original release, I, Mountain is a single 21 minute sound-scape (rather than ‘song’) designed to follow the narrative path of H.P Lovecraft’s novella At the Mountains of Madness. It was the first release in God Is Myth’s popular ‘Lovecraft series’ of 3” CDs, and is probably the most sought-after Caïna release, fetching high prices on eBay. This tape will feature bonus audio material and new artwork, and, though it is not unlimited, it’s designed to make the EP available to many of those who missed it the first time around.

Order now: http://darknessshaderecords.tk

miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010


...from holidays.
I've been some days up in the mountains, hiking and visiting some places. And as every vacation-time, I started a new notebook, a kind of travelogue where to dump some ideas/sketches. This is what popped up being in an almost isolated cabin (WARNING: shitty pics from a shitty cellphone):

Entrails, blood, disfigured tits...this is the first thing I did when I started the notebook. Evocative as hell, as you can see.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's last training (with FC Barcelona). A little homage to one of the best football players in the World. Maybe someday I'll write some words telling my opinion about the treatment the club gave to this player. It could be titled as 'Philosophical Revolt' (good song from Solefald, btw).

The Aizkolari Revenge! Don't you know what an Aizkolari is? Check this video:

Basque Country: you have to love'em.

Abbath. Fuck the Sun. A total classic.

Countess Bathory. Or something with big boobs and blood. Another classic.

Nocturno Culto and Fenriz. It's not a classic (at least in my drawings) but it's right to draw'em if you are addicted to the song 'I am the graves of the 80s', which is my case.

And for now, that's all. Too much sketches considering that I was on holidays. Tomorrow it's time to get back to the routine and tattoo some people. Awww.

sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010


Cover for the zine Unholy Rites.

viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

sábado, 17 de julio de 2010

Sailor Girl

A new design for my business card and Facebook page. Check out and find a 10% discount in your tattoo, only until the 31st of August!

Femme Fatale

Some old illustrations (ink&Photoshop)

jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Jackpot of Muses


Betty Page

Lily Munster

These 3 portraits are done with pencil (on paper). 30 min., 45 min. and 1 hour respectively.

sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

Ego Iubeo et Tu Sequaris


The Black Widow

On the Move


Marcial, our Mr. Necro

Battles in the North I

Hoces del Duratón


Iratiko Oihana

The Cemetery Gates