domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

ALL improves with zombies.

This is one of my principles. I'll give you an example: take the worst movie in the world. Whatever. I don't know...well, take one movie starring by JACK BLACK. Horrific, eh? Ok. Then add a bunch of zombies. The film improves! At least now you can laugh (with or at it).

That's why I love zombies so much, they can save your ass. Always.

Lately I'm doing a lot of erotic illustrations, some are by request and the other are only for fun. So when somebody calls you for a commission and asks for a different cover, joining erotism, sex and rotten meat, the result is funnier. At least is how I felt doing this drawing. Here's an extract of it:

That's all. Thanks Bruce (Dickinson) for helping me with your harmonic screams. As well as I say that ALL improves with zombies, my art improves when I listen to Iron Maiden. Uh.

PS. btw, FINALLY the Maleficarium zine issue #5 is out. It took some time, but you can order now here.

jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011


Yesss, this is the title of the last The Boys volume I read. Pretty awesome, but no so much as the previous episodes. Hope it doesn't mean that Ennis is calming down. Uhm.

Well, I've chosen this to name the entry for obvious reasons. I don't know what happens with me but suddenly I've started drawing comic heroes and heroines doing some sexual activity. Maybe I'll use them to make a kind of serial illustrations, maybe it will end here. Or maybe I should stop reading adventures of people wearing pajamas and go back to my dear Transmetropolitan.

'Heroine's Solitude', din-a4. Ink & Photoshop, 2011

'Meeeeooowwww!', din-a4, ink on paper. 2011

Mmmhhh...afterthought...I think there must be more.

lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Holy Diver!

Just a quick update! This is a portrait I made a month ago for an upcoming tribute to Ronnie James Dio...I don't know which bands will appear on it nor which songs will be covered...I don't know ANYTHING! But well, it was a request of my good friend César, so I only followed his instructions without saying a word, I'm totally sure that it will be a total blast!

And with this ends the update. I can smell the popcorns from here, it's time to watch some series!

domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011


(wow, that's my first entry in 2011! It took me a whole month to post

Well, since some time ago I'm collecting BJD, which means 'ball jointed dolls'. They're made with resin and the most remarkable thing is that they have joints like a human body. These dolls use to be very realistic and customizable. You can make up'em as you want, put'em wigs...all that shit. The thing is that the other day I made myself a question: 'it's possible to make my own doll?' The answer was: 'well...if you have patience...'. Of course I haven't got it as much as this hobby deserves, but whatthehell, I must try. So here's a homemade head with almost 3 hours of life:

Well, It needs more hours of sculpting and sanding to be considered 'a head with a name', but for now it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would look, haha. Hope I will see it finished one day (in a near future)...